Gatlinburg Skydive Can Help You With Your Next Event

Gatlinburg Skydive Can Help You With Your Next Event

Gatlinburg Skydive really helped me out when I was in a jam. I am an events planner and needed to come up with a spectacular show for a picnic. The company that hired me was a new client, and I wanted to prove that they had made the right decision in hiring me. I had already hired a spectacular jumper castle for the kids and a band for the afternoon, but I wanted something that would get everyone’s attention from the get go.

When I booked the community park for the company picnic, I told the administrator that I wanted a spectacular opening for the picnic. Before I could get another word in, he told me about Gatlinburg Skydive. Tom said that Exhibition Skydiving is a great way to begin an event. He also told me that if this were my first event for my new client it would not be my last, especially if I hired the team of experts from Gatlinburg Skydive.

I called Gatlinburg Skydive that afternoon and was pleasantly surprised at how helpful and friendly the professional team was. I was assured that my event would be something that everyone would remember for the rest of their lives. Gatlinburg Skydive told me that Skydiving exhibitions are perfect for football, soccer, and baseball games as well. The professional team had done quite a few exhibitions at the community park so there was adequate space for landing. Gatlinburg Skydive assured me that the skydivers knew how to entertain and thrill a crowd.

Needless to say, I booked the team and could not believe how great the event turned out. There were six skydivers that started jumping out of the plane on my cue. Each professional skydiver went on to open colorful canopies with aerial acrobatics. Because I had a big budget, I also went for the optional colored smoke display and the American Flag that was carried by the first skydiver. The hit of the exhibition was when all six skydivers flew the custom banners and streamers with the company logo. The team was so professional and the company was absolutely thrilled. The rest of the picnic went off without a hitch, thanks to the professionals from Gatlinburg Skydive.

If you want to wow the crowd at your next event, give the friendly folks at Gatlinburg Skydive a call. You will be thrilled at the results and pleasantly surprised at how affordable it actually is.

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