Gatlinburg Skydive For The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

Gatlinburg Skydive For The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

Gatlinburg Skydive knows from experience that there is nothing like barreling towards the planet at around 120 miles an hour. Jumping out of an airplane is an extreme and intense adrenaline rush that will be like nothing else that you have ever done before, and chances are, you will be hooked after your first jump.

Most of the people who jump for the first time, decide to try tandem jumping with Gatlinburg Skydive. When you tandem jump you are attached to an instructor from Gatlinburg Skydive with a harness. When you jump out of the plane you will free fall before the parachute that is large enough to accommodate the two of you opens. The best thing about tandem jumping is that there is very little instruction required. You get to kick back and enjoy the ride, while your Gatlinburg Skydive instructor handles the technical parts of your jump.

Of course, you do not have to tandem jump in order to take skydiving lessons from a licensed, professional skydiving teacher. You can take AFF, or Accelerated Free Fall Classes. The Level One class or jump is offered in East Tennessee from Gatlinburg Skydive. The ground course will take about six hours and culminates with a jump using your own parachute. The AFF jump from Gatlinburg Skydive includes two licensed skydiving instructors. One will hold on to you when you jump out of the plane in order to assist you with body positioning as well as the opening of your parachute. The other will be on the ground and will be in constant communication with you so that you can land properly.

Gatlinburg Skydive will help you take the plunge whether you choose to tandem jump or take an Accelerated Free Fall Class in East Tennessee. You really do not know what you are missing until you call and make reservations today.

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